Duncan Whittick

“Michele Sam was our Indigenous Advisor at the 2018 Canadian Classrooms to Communities Environmental Education Conference. In this role, she supported non-Indigenous conference organizers in better understanding the local land, culture, communities and appropriate protocol. She encouraged, empowered and enabled local organizers to take responsibility for their roles, and to more appropriately understand, and engage with, Indigenous people. 

Michele models respect and tolerance, while being honest and constructive in her work towards building bridges across culture and place. She does not shy away from providing feedback, and ensures that all parties are aware of deeper issues and sensitivities at play. Most of all, despite all of the trauma that Michele has experienced in her life, and the collective trauma that her Indigenous communities have experienced, she engages with a warm heart and a welcoming smile.

I would highly recommend Michele to any organization that wishes to engage honestly and earnestly in improving their ability to understand and appropriately engage with Indigenous communities.”