Graeme Leadbeater

“In the Spring of 2021 our firm engaged Michele Sam to develop and deliver a program for our staff and leadership team that would be a foundational experience regarding the history, colonization and traumas that have impacted Indigenous peoples in Canada. As a result of COVID restrictions this program was delivered as 5 – 3 hour live webinars. Clearly a massive undertaking! Michele did a spectacular job of assembling key research, milestone public policy events, pivotal contemporary history and her own personal experiences to illustrate the current state of Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations. Reinforcing the current state provided the painful but necessary background for our team to understand the need to move forward on a path of reconciliation, collaboration and action. I wish to wholeheartedly thank Michele for developing and presenting this program. The work was scholarly and professional. The presentation was compassionate, understandable, at times very difficult to hear, but always clear and honest. Michele’s impact on our firm was profound. We continue to work on strategies of reconciliation and do our best at ensuring indigenous voices are heard in our work.”