kiʔsuk kyukyit


Michele A Sam Consulting provides consulting, advice and facilitation services to organizations and individuals attempting to engage with Indigenous Peoples and their self-development.


Michele A Sam is Ktunaxa ʔaqⱡsmaknik—her father is Haudenosaunee with Italian heritage and she honours her fathers’ people by following her mothers’ lineage. Michele returned home as a 60s scoop survivor having been adopted by a Dutch Catholic immigrant family, raised as the youngest of 5 brothers and one sister. Michele has familial ties across all 6 Ktunaxa/Ksanka communities and is an “official band member” of ʔaq̓am. She is the eldest daughter of 7 girls and a brother and is becoming an infant Ktunaxa language learner.

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Through facilitated workshops, invited consultations and providing advice that is grounded both academically as well as through lived experiences, Michele A Sam provides the opportunity to generate knowledge necessary towards equitable relationships that are mutually beneficial and interdependent in a useful, place based context.


To provide Indigenous perspectives, in support of socially responsible relationship development and engagement that provides a bridge for Indigenous Peoples’ and First Nations entities, and business, industry and government to build meaningful, functional and sustainable relationships.


If you are a company that wishes to engage with your Indigenous neighbours, but don’t know how or where to start, I can point you down the right pathway.

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