Knowledge Relationships and Engagement Workshop

This two-day workshop is focused upon First Nations and Indigenous cognitive justice concerns. It is offered to First Nations bands and communities and Indigenous Peoples’ organizations involved in self-development.

The workshop offers community-based decision makers the opportunity to de-mythify and de-mystify research and engagement language and processes. The intent is to ensure that their knowledge needs are identified, documented and met,  at the forefront of engagement for research and decision making.

The result of this workshop is a two-page briefing that documents current knowledge needs, avenues to address needs, potential funders and the next steps. This workshop was originally developed through Michele’s own research processes as a student.

The workshop includes ideas and assumptions regarding Indigenous Self-Development including documents such as the Truth and Reconciliation 94 Calls to Action, The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. More detailed learning about such topics as dysconscious racism, privilege and fragility are also included.

And finally, workshop participants are introduced to the concept of intractable conflict and how research has in the past, and continues to perpetuate conflict in efforts of Indigenous Peoples Self-Development and what can be done according to place based Indigenous Peoples knowledges.