Pre-Engagement Ethics Workshop

This two-day workshop is focused upon non-Indigenous people’s and organization’s capacity development. This focuses on preparing the personnel of a corporation, academic unit or industry partner for further engagement efforts with Indigenous populations.

The workshop offers federal, provincial and local place-based understanding. It supports the mentorship and inclusion of local Indigenous knowledge holders, language speakers and culture interpreters as well as policy and historical legal information. Additionally, this workshop offers a deeper understanding of the social and emotional aspects of addressing social and cognitive justice issues as individuals and as an organization. Again the Truth and Reconciliation 94 Calls to Action, the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples are integral documents to this presentation, among others as determined through the engagement approach.

The Approach

Michele does not just perform the workshop, but models the engagement efforts necessary to ensure that products and services are going to meet the needs of the participants. The process includes a pre-engagement effort between Michele and the host organization to ensure that learning needs are met and prior learning already undertaken is built upon and expanded, including identifying local resources and internal capacity.